The Timetable for the weekend is as follows:

The plan and timings for the weekend is outlined below.  Each hour slot will have two speakers who will speak for around 20-25 mins to be followed by a Q&A.

There will be a link between each pair of speakers (although it might not be obvious) so for example you may have someone who does long adventure riding paired up with someone who explores locally.

I have purposely not put the names down for who is speaking together or what time they are speaking.  The reason is that it will be a bit of a surprise to you as to who is speaking when, it’s a bit like going to gigs or a festival and only coming for the headliner and missing the great support band.  I’m hoping that by not knowing who is speaking when, you will relax and simply be inspired and entertained.


Saturday 17 September


Registration from 9 am

Opening remarks 10.15

10.30am Speakers 1 and 2 plus Q&A

11.30am Speakers 3 and 4 plus Q&A

Break for Lunch (During lunch there will be a selection of short cycling films showing)

1.30pm Speakers 5 and 6 plus Q&A

2.30pm Speakers 7 and 8 plus Q&A


4pm Speakers 9 and 10 plus Q&A

5pm Drinks


Sunday 18 September


Venue open from 9 am

10.30am Speakers 11 and 12 plus Q&A

11.30am Speakers 13 and 14 plus Q&A

Break for Lunch

1.30pm Speakers 15 and 16 plus Q&A

2.30pm Speakers 17 and 18 plus Q&A

3.30 Wrap up / Finish / Drinks